Meet Norman, a one-year-old who was abandoned by his previous owner.  A couple adopted Norman the day before he was to be put down. It was love at first sight for the couple and Norman.  They know that Norman was meant for them.

Norman, however, has a severe disability which for most dogs and owners would be devastating.

It is amazing how some dogs will risk their own lives to save their human or even a human they do not know. And some will do what seems impossible to us.


Why?  Some researchers have suggested that some dogs have the ability to empathize with humans. They can recognize happiness, fear or stress in humans.  Another train of thought is that since humans are recognized by some dogs to be pack leaders or members of their pack, it is ingrained in them to “protect their own”.

Norman acts without hesitation. In fact, in the video, you will see that Norman was recognized for his bravery. However, Norman, nor any other dog, do these heroic feats for the recognition or fame.

Even with his disability, Norman is one of those dogs that obviously possesses that strong protective instinct of his pack members, i.e. humans. The proof is in this video.

It will warm your heart but you may need to have a tissue handy as well.

Please share with your friends. It will make us want a dog like Norman.


Video source:  Questar via YouTube



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