Juniper is a well-known pet fox on the internet who mistook her owner’s white bedsheet for snow. Now, Juniper became famous yet again for being best friends with her owner’s pet dog, Moose.

Moose is an adorable Australian Shepherd mix who became Juniper’s keeper from the first day that Jessika Coker brought the little fox into her home. Jessika shared that Juniper and Moose loved doing many things together, such as eating and sleeping.


Jessika said that her fox acts like a little girl who has a crush on someone every time she is around her dog. Jessika told Bored Panda how in love Juniper is with Moose because of how her fox spends the entire day getting all of Moose’s attention.

Jessika recalled that she brought Juniper home with her when the fox is only about five weeks old. Since she raised her pet dog, Moose, around all sorts of animals, Moose and Juniper hit it off right away when she ran up to him.

Jessika shared a quick fact about fox putting their butts on items they want to own or think belongs to them. She frequently walked into the room and saw Juniper sitting on Moose’s head.

She recalled how she often sees Moose laying on the floor with a sullen look on his cute face, while Juniper is busy claiming what is rightfully hers. While Moose certainly does not enjoy being sat on, he still loved hanging out with Juniper.

Although Juniper and Moose’s friendship looked like it was straight out of a fairytale story, Jessika shared on her Instagram account that having a fox as a pet is not entirely a walk in the park. She shared that foxes smell horrible, especially when they do their private business, and loves destroying things in the house.

Regardless of all the challenges of having a fox as a pet, owning one will give you a great adventure because of how they adore their family so much. True enough, Juniper is a perfect example of how amazing it is to have a pet fox.

Source: Juniperfoxx via Instagram



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