Dogs are very protective of their pack. Whenever they sense danger, they immediately alert their owners by acting differently. If your dog is acting out of the ordinary, then you may want to take them seriously as something may be wrong.

For example, a pit bull named Sasha started acting out of the ordinary by barking and banging on the door. Sasha’s owner, Nana Chaichanhda, thought that it was so weird of her dog to do something like this, especially if it’s already bedtime and almost midnight.

Thankfully, Nana didn’t dismiss her dog’s weird behavior and decided to investigate. She opened the door that her pit bull was barking and banging into to see if there’s something out there.


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When Nana opened the door, she was in shock in fear for what she saw. The unit next to Nana’s was on fire. A raging inferno was spewing out thick black smoke, and she knew that her unit, as well as the other units in her complex, may catch fire and endanger the lives of a lot of people.

The first thing Nana did was run to her daughter’s bedroom and get her out of the building. When she got there, she found Sasha already in action. Sasha already had the baby by the diaper, and she tried dragging her off the bed to get her out of harm’s way.

Nana stated that she wasn’t surprised seeing Sasha rushing to her youngest daughter’s aid first. The two shared a special bond, and Sasha grew up with the baby. In fact, Sasha regularly shared a bath with the baby.

Eventually, Nana was able to get her baby out of the building and was able to warn other residents about the fire. What surprised Nana was the bravery of her dog, Sasha. After getting out of the building, Sasha rushed back in the building despite Nana trying to stop her.

Nana stated that her dog probably thought that her other two kids were still inside the building. She said that her other kids were staying at their father’s place for the night and Sasha probably didn’t know about it.

When Nana went after Sasha, firefighters stopped her because it was unsafe to enter the building. She asked the firefighter to save her dog. After putting out the fire, the firefighters let the residents back in the complex. The firefighters told Nana that they didn’t find any dog in the entire complex.

Nana feared the worst and went to her unit. She couldn’t find Sasha anywhere until she looked inside the closet. Nana stated that her children would often play hide and seek with Sasha, and the closet was one of their favorite places to hide. Sasha probably thought the children were hiding in the closet and in to rescue them.

Nana couldn’t be happier when she found Sasha alive. Thanks to Sasha, Nana’s youngest daughter is safe, and she was able to warn other residents of the fire. Nana always considered Sasha to be part of the family. And, as a reward for her deeds, Nana stated that she now gets steak every now and then.

Video Source ABC13 Houston via YouTube



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