Well, dogs do some pretty weird things to their owners. These include showering them with slobber, tricking them into an endless game of fetch, and cuddling them on the bed until they occupy all the space. But while most of these stunts are pretty much harmless, this pug has just taken everything to a whole new level.

Pete, the adorable pug, hailing from San Antonio, Texas, had decided to claim his fur mom, Monica’s car as his own when he, in some weird, mysterious way, managed to lock himself in the car alone with his mom’s phone. Monica was obviously panicky and a bit distressed with the situation.

Well, who wouldn’t be as distressed as her if you had left your pooch in the car alone? So she got her iPad and messaged the whole family to get the American Automobile Association (AAA) to their house as the canine had locked her in.


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The incident sounded too funny and amusing that the woman’s son, Nick Garcia, just had to share it on Twitter, together with a screenshot of their conversation and the innocent-looking pug in the car. He wasn’t entirely astonished by the pooch’s behavior, though. The funny part was the pooch looks as if he has no idea about the havoc he is creating outside the car.

When somebody finally did call AAA, what they thought would be a quick ride to their house turned out to take about three hours at least. So the family had to wait for hours for the team to arrive. Thankfully, the car was on, and Pete was feeling cozy and safe in the car.

The tweet has gained popularity since then, earning more than 400,000 likes, almost a hundred thousand retweets, and a few thousand people commenting on the rather hilarious incident.

Look at how innocent-looking he is here.

Courtesy of @NickUchihaa



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