We’ve all been there; the elusive sleep we actively search for finally catches up, and we can’t help but give in to it. This puppy’s struggles were all captured on video, and he’s all of us!

Rowdy’s energetic, so sleep comes relatively easy. The only challenge for him is the perfect sleeping spot, or rather, the lack of it. We don’t know what the pet was doing before this hilarious video, but we can tell that he’s bushed.


That rigorous puppy energy can do that to anyone, and today, Rowdy’s about to find out how interesting things can get while falling asleep. The furball is then seen twisting about on a narrow bench.

He felt that his limbs weren’t that comfortable, so he raised them high and curled them in. Gravity played its game, and those elevated paws didn’t have a choice but to fall back down.

That jolted the pup up to semi-wakefulness, but sleep’s call was more potent. So he tossed and turned, trying to find that most comfortable spot. Unfortunately, on a half log that’s elevated by about six inches, it’s hardly the definition of comfy.

While Rowdy moved and twisted to find his sweet snooze position, another form of action was going on. He didn’t know all that was captured on video, and it’s soon going to make the news.

Down came his paws with his head lolling off to one side as his entire body gave in to gravity. Then Rowdy fell for good on the hard floor, and although he was abruptly awakened, he found his new position better.

The pup found the best sleeping spot on a hard floor. Rowdy proved that when you’re bushed, it doesn’t matter where you are. You’ll fall asleep regardless, and for this puppy, that’s all that mattered.

Photo and video credits to Good Morning America via YouTube



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