Some dogs have the tendency to be attached to material things, especially when it has a sentimental value to them. These items can be ones that came from their owner or ones that they have acquired one way or another.

A stray found in a local resident’s yard, Oliver was brought in by the Memphis Animal Services. It was not an easy feat as Oliver tried and tried to escape every time the rescuer tried to reach him.


When the rescuers finally succeeded, they brought Oliver to the shelter where the shelter staff almost instantly knew that he was previously homed and taken care of before being abandoned. The dog appeared smart and trained and was very well-behaved.

Another thing the shelter staff noted was that Oliver loved food and treats. The first time a shelter staff came by his kennel, Oliver immediately sat down and stared up at her. The more the staff gave him treats, the more Oliver stayed put. Oliver even scooted closer to the bars of his cage to get pets easier.

As days passed by, the shelter staff noticed that along with his love for food and treats, his attachment to his food bowl also grew even more. Oliver began to carry his food bowl everywhere he goes.

The adorable dog seemed to know that his cute trick would get him more food because it ultimately did without fail. Even when he moved to a bigger kennel in the shelter, Oliver still carried his food bowl with him.

According to the shelter staff, it is possible that Oliver was trained to do this trick of carrying his food bowl by his former owner, or that the poor dog went through a bad phase where he was not able to eat as much as he does now, which is why he clings onto his food bowl so much.

The shelter staff found this trick of Oliver’s so adorable that they decided to take photos of him. Not long after, Oliver found his forever family – still with his trusted food bowl.

Photos courtesy of the Memphis Animal Services Facebook page.



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