Rescue pit bulls have a hard time getting adopted into a loving forever home. In the past few years, pit bulls were branded as vicious dogs, and the stigma grew until most people in the country became scared of the breed. Unfortunately, this resulted in a lot of pit bulls left behind in shelters.

If one pit bull is so hard to get adopted, imagine what it would be like for two bonded pit bulls. Two pit bulls named Jukebox and Agatha were strays that met on the streets. Rescuers believed that the two dogs became inseparable since they met and have formed an unbreakable bond.

Jukebox and Agatha adored each other, and they are always together. The two dogs were rescued and refused to leave each other’s side. The rescuers decided to put the two pit bulls in one kennel where they shared one bed even when the rescuers placed two dog beds. When the rescuers separated the Jukebox and Agatha, the two pit bulls looked like they were lost and looked for each other.


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The rescuers concluded that Jukebox and Agatha needed to be adopted together. It’s hard enough to get two dogs adopted by one family. Imagine how much harder it can be if the two dogs were pit bulls. So, Jukebox and Agatha spent a lot of waiting for their adoption in the shelter.

Eventually, after waiting for a long time, a couple named Erin and Ubaldo saw Jukebox and Agatha on the animal rescue website and decided to meet the two dogs. Erin and Ubaldo were looking for a dog to make their house a little happier after their dog passed away.

When Erin and Ubaldo first met the two dogs, they were touched by how close Jukebox and Agatha were. It wasn’t hard for Erin and Ubaldo to fall in love with the two dogs. They had a quick discussion and decided to adopt the two dogs together.

Jukebox and Agatha immediately adjusted to their new home. As soon as the leash was off, the two dogs started exploring their new home. Jukebox and Agatha were so happy and brought so much joy to the couple’s lives. Here’s a heartwarming video showing how an amazing couple adopted two bonded pit bulls and how it made their house whole again.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube



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