Back in 2015, a pit bull named Riddick had a traumatizing experience at the hands of someone horrible. The poor thing was thrown out of a moving vehicle. Luckily for Riddick, he was rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. And after he was healed, Riddick was put up for adoption.

Soon, a man by the name of Bryan Junior and his wife chanced upon Riddick’s picture on Facebook. Immediately falling in love with Riddick, they adopted him in August of 2015. The couple took excellent care of Riddick and another pit bull named Cambria.


Brotherly love


About a year after he was adopted, Riddick’s family grew with the arrival of Bryan and his wife’s baby boy named Dawson. Riddick and Cambria both loved Dawson like a baby brother. Each time they hear the baby cry, they would immediately enter his room to check on him.

Bryan shared that he and his wife refer to Riddick and Cambria as “the paw patrol.” He said that each time Dawson would wake up from his nap, they would inform the dogs, and they would rush into the baby’s room to see him. He also said that Riddick and Cambria would always sit with them whenever they would read Dawson a bedtime story.

Source of comfort

Just as his canine siblings love him, Dawson is also crazy about them. So it was not at all surprising that when he came down with the flu, Dawson sought only the comfort of his older brother Riddick. According to Bryan, Dawson got on an ottoman with Riddick and just held him.

Aware that his beloved brother was not well, Riddick laid on the ottoman with Dawson until the latter fell asleep. For over an hour, Riddick refused to move while Dawson slept. Knowing that Riddick was there to help nurse Dawson back to health, Bryan and his wife felt assured that their boy was in good paws.

Credits to The Animal Rescue Site



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