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This story happened in Serbia. It is about the rescue of a puppy which surprised the people who went to save the animal.

Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, a rescue organization in Serbia, got a call about a puppy that has been abandoned. It was seen to be near the roadside which can be quite dangerous.

A team from the organization immediately went to the spot where the puppy was reported to have been seen last. They confirmed the report to be true.


They saw the puppy near a huge rock. They knew that the puppy would try to escape if they came close to it so they had to be careful. They slowly walked closer and made their way to where the puppy was.

While they got closer, the puppy moved closer to some bushes. The rescuers were surprised at what they saw.

The rescuers first heard the tiny bark of the puppy. But they were surprised when they heard more tiny barks. Then, four more puppies came out from the bushes. They tried to look for the mother dog but they couldn’t find her.

The puppies were given some food and water. The rescuers thought this would be a good way to bring out any more hiding puppies.

When the rescuers were sure that there were no other dogs in the area, they slowly took the puppies. They even did a scan of the area to see if the momma dog was around. They also made sure that no other dogs were left behind.

They were four girls and one boy. They were named Lora, Nana, Bruno, Luna, and Mona and they are all now being cared for by the rescue shelter. These are definitely lucky dogs to have been rescued and nothing happened to them without momma dog to look after them.

Source: Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia



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