Eugene Bostick never had plans to foster abandoned dogs when he retired twenty years ago. But as more people left their dogs in his horse barn, he had no other choice but to take care of them. Ignoring the dogs was never an option for him.

He and his brother would usually find dogs in their property left by their owners. They didn’t have the heart to see them starve, so they started feeding them. Eventually, they let them on their farm. Then they got them spayed and neutered. And over the years, the number of dogs just kept rising.


Eugene was more than happy to provide shelter and food for the dogs. But he also thought of countless ways to make them happy. One day, he noticed a guy with a tractor who attached carts behind it. The man was using it on his farm to pull out racks. Eugene thought that with the same design, he could make a train designed for his dogs.


With his excellent welding skills, Eugene adopted the design and created the dog train. He started by getting some plastic barrels and cut large holes on one side. He then put wheels on those barrels. Finally, he attached the barrels single file behind his tractor.

three dogs, weimaraner, pack

The dogs loved the train. Eugene said that every time he would attach the barrels, the dogs would get excited. They would start barking and run around the train while he is preparing it. When he is done, the dogs would jump inside, waiting to have their little trip down the road.

Once or twice a week, the dog train would do its run. It has even become an attraction in their area. People would come and take pictures of the train. Some would also ask Eugene to stop so that they can have a photo with the dogs. For the retiree, it’s all about the dogs having fun.

Source: Texas Famous via Youtube



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