For abused and mistreated dogs, their past becomes part of what they turn out to be in the future. Some will have trust issues, fear, and many more. The best reward that they could get is a forever family – who will love them all the way and will take care of them like they never experienced before.

A 5-year-old dog terrier mix named Drove was found in an abandoned house during a cruelty investigation. Following the rescue, Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby (HSM&S) took him in, and within no time, he became the most popular dog in the center because of his calm demeanor.


But no matter how lovable Drove is, he kept on getting overlooked by potential adopters for seven months straight. It even came to a point where he just sleeps in his bed all day. Little did this adorable dog knew, his loving family was yet to come.

Newlyweds Morgan and Tyler just lost their Boxer furry friend of thirteen years. When they realized they wanted another one, they immediately went to the shelter to check the dogs out.

As soon as the couple met Drove, they fell in love instantly and applied for his adoption. A couple of days after, the shelter approved their application.

Come Wednesday, and it was time to pick Drove up. The adorable dog was in his usual nap, expecting that it will be the same day just like for the past seven months.

When Catey, his favorite shelter worker, woke him up with the leash in hand, he was confused. Drove kept looking around his temporary home.

After everything is all set, Drove was on his way to his new home. With a new family comes with a new name. The couple named him Samson or Sammy.

The adorable Sammy didn’t take long to get used to his new family and became attached to them immediately. He even follows them everywhere, just to make sure they are not leaving him. Oh, such a cute dog.

You can watch Sammy’s full story here:

Drove is now going home!!!

Posted by Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby on Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Thanks to Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby for the video and photos.



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