Life was not so kind to the 10-year old St. Bernard named Old Lady. She was put in a puppy mill where they shaved her fur. Thankfully, she was rescued and was about to go into a foster home. However, Old Lady escaped and ran into the woods where she spent 17 days in the freezing winter.

Running into the woods

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Just as when Old Lady was about to go into a foster home where she will be loved and cared for, the unfamiliarity of her new environment spooked her. She bolted into the woods and never returned.


The rescuers at RuffStart did everything they can to locate Old Lady. For more than two weeks of searching, they still saw no sign of Old Lady. The poor old dog was all alone in the frigid cold, and her fur has just been shaved! They could just imagine cold and awful Old Lady felt.

Saving Old Lady

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Everybody was so relieved to find Old Lady alive despite her condition. Her leash got tangled on a tree, so she was unable to move. A stranger who found Old Lady quickly reported the dog’s whereabouts and the rescuers dashed to her location.

The rescuers untangled the dog’s leash carefully from the tree. Old Lady was already scared enough, and they don’t want her to run away again. The poor Old Lady was very cold and shivering and has not eaten for days.

They rushed Old Lady to the vet. She was fed well and nursed back to health. It was still a puzzle how the senior dog survived the cold with nothing to eat or drink for more than two weeks. It was indeed a miracle!

Old Lady has begun a new chapter of her life because she’s just been adopted and taken into her forever home. What a happy ending it is for this brave dog!

Watch Old Lady’s amazing journey and rescue in this Youtube video courtesy of Fox 9 News.

And thanks to Oh My Pup for sharing this story.



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