The first time Prince arrived at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society shelter in Menands, New York, he was shivering and shaking uncontrollably. He used to be someone’s companion but ended up with his owner’s girlfriend when the latter could not care for him any longer. But the stay with the girlfriend didn’t last either.

One afternoon, when two–year–old Prince was out with the girlfriend for a walk, he slipped out of the leash and started running. No one had a clue where he went until he was picked up by animal control and then taken into the shelter. Despite having been contacted by the shelter and promising to pick Prince up, the girlfriend never appeared.


It was most likely his unstable and sad past that made Prince skittish. Or perhaps, adapting to shelter life was not easy for him at all. But whatever the reason was, Prince was horrified of everything.

“It took a while for him to warm up to us,” said Mohawk Hudson Humane Society Director of Behavior and Enrichment Nancy Haynes. “When anyone approaches his kennel, he’d go shaking and will cower at the back.”

Ultimately, shelter workers discovered a way on how to help Prince feel comfortable. They learned that the young dog loves getting tucked in at night. And so they started to oblige.

“One worker was cuddling with Prince then he got on the bed, and the staff just wrapped him with a blanket. That’s when we realized he liked it and it made him feel comfortable,” explained Haynes.

Soon enough, the rest of the staffers learned about the dog’s vice and started taking turns in tucking in Prince every night. “Prince would keep wandering inside his kennel until someone approaches. And when you go in, he’ll set for the bed and wait for you to tuck him in.”

But there’s more to Prince’s bedtime habit. “In general, he loves being around people. Cuddling is his most favorite thing. He showers people’s faces with lots of kisses, and he moans and grunts when you scratch his belly and butt.”

Photo Credits to Mohawk Hudson Humane Society

Despite this all, Prince still has not found his home. He becomes wary and sometimes reactive when someone new approaches. But since he has been getting a lot of attention, Prince’s receptiveness had tremendously decreased, and the workers hope that very, very soon, he goes home to a perfect family.



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