I could never really understand why people would dump or abandon their dogs. A lot of people do it for stupid reasons, which can be resolved if they know how to take care of their dogs. Most of the dogs living in shelters used to have a home but were abandoned by their family and left them in the streets or somewhere far from home to fend for themselves.

It will make a lot more sense if they surrender their dog in shelters instead of just dumping or abandoning them in the streets. This way, the dogs have a safe place to stay in, and they’re also fed. Most importantly, dogs that are surrendered to shelters are taken care of, and shelter staff and volunteers can look for forever homes for them.

Bridgette Booth of Fresno Bully Rescue got a call about a large pit bull that was dumped in an orchard. Bridgette is already an experienced rescuer and didn’t hesitate to drive down to the orchard to look for the pit bull. It took some time to find the pit bull, but when Bridgette found her, the pit bull was timid and very cautious of people.


Bridgette tried winning the pit bull’s trust by giving her some treats and leaving food out for her. However, the pit bull didn’t want anything to do with people. The pit bull kept a safe distance from Bridgette and eventually ran off to hide somewhere in the orchard. Bridgette decided to call it a day and just come back the next day to try and rescue the pit bull.

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The next day, Bridgette was accompanied by a fellow rescuer, Matthew Decker. Bridgette and Matthew decided that it would be easier if they worked as a team. They also brought along another pit bull figuring that it would put the pit bull they’re trying to rescue at ease. While driving through the vast orchard, the rescue team finally saw the abandoned pit bull lying down on the dirt.

Matthew expected the worst. When they got to the pit bull, she was already spent and very weak. The pit bull didn’t even try to run away. Matthew slowly put a leash on the pit bull, who eventually allowed Matthew to pick her up. The rescuers didn’t know how much time the pit bull has got left.

Once they got her to the shelter, they found out that the pit bull somehow ingested poison, which was the reason why she was so weak. The pit bull eventually made a full recovery, and when she was able to, she was eager to thank her rescuers by giving them puppy kisses. Once the pit bull was strong enough, she was put up for adoption.

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Christine Dresslar Moss adopted the pit bull and named her Dobbie. Christine learned about Dobbie through one of her daughters by sending her pictures of the dog. When Christine saw Dobbie, she fell in love and applied to adopt her.

Christine knew that Dobbie wanted somebody to adopt her that she can trust. It took Christine almost two weeks for her to gain the trust of Dobbie. After that period of adjustment, Dobbie opened up and showed her sweet and loving personality, Christine and Dobbie are now best friends. Christine and Dobbie became inseparable. Here’s a heartwarming video about Dobbie’s rescue and how she found her new mom.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube



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