We think that pets provide an unlimited source of joy for us hoomans. They follow you around, play with you, and engage in the silliest games ever made.

If you’re a pet owner, we’re positive you relate to this sentiment. After all, what’s with having a pet if you can’t indulge in funny little pranks?


Meet Tucker, the beautiful golden retriever who doesn’t mind getting the brunt of his owner’s antics. This bathroom tissue challenge started with a single row on the fur pet’s path to food.

Tucker found it too easy and gobbled all the food on the plate up. Wait for it, doggo! The next ones just get more challenging, so be ready.

Round three of the challenge still didn’t stop the dog from getting his treat. We bet he loves this game now.

Level four stumped Tucker, and the pet scrambled to find a way to that delicious plate of treats. He couldn’t jump past four levels of tissue stacked on top of each other.

Tucker’s hooman encouraged her pet and dropped bits of food in front of the dog to motivate him. We think this increased Tucker’s frustration, and his face says it all.

It’s okay, pup, there’s more where that came from, so cheer up! The pet soon finds himself catering to his human’s playful side, and Tucker willingly participates.

There’s nothing like good old playtime, isn’t there?

This one’s the disappearing-behind-a-towel act. With Tucker’s facial expression, we think he’s just patronizing his hooman. Who believes in that act, anyway?

Your hooman does, boy. Man up and just play along with it, will ya?

This classic mirror challenge never gets old, and we find our boy challenging the fine young lad staring back at him. Tucker’s human’s a lucky lady to see this pet’s funny side!

Photo and video credits to Tucker Budzyn via Facebook



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