Everybody loves taking photographs. No matter the time and place, taking pictures is one way to preserve memories into something that one could look at in the years to come.

However, it looks like a goofy pooch took their picture-taking session as an opportunity for him to show his mischievous side. Though his family isn’t making a wacky kind of photo, the pooch still chose to do so for the fun of it.

Say cheese!

In this adorably short video, a family of three takes their time strolling in a park. However, the trio soon felt tired, so they took some time off and sat in one of the benches in the area.


But, it looks like their dog has other plans up its sleeve as it starts making out silly faces. Though its fur parents didn’t plan on taking photos of their trip, the pooch’s funny face begs for them to take some souvenir pictures.

With this, one of the dog’s fur parents decided to take a video instead. As soon as the dog’s fur parent directed the camera towards him, the dog immediately came up with the goofiest face for the photoshoot.

Don’t I look cute, Mom?

As the seconds pass by, the pooch continues putting up a silly face in front of the camera. With its tongue sticking out at the side, the funny dog then gives the cutest wink to amplify its lively vibe.

Seeing this, Mom and Dad couldn’t help but laugh at the pooch’s actions. Though they certainly didn’t plan this photoshoot, it looks like they eventually captured a photo that’ll they treasure for a lifetime.

It seems this funny pooch isn’t relenting from his silly pose soon as he continues goofing on the camera. If you want to view the pooch’s funny face in live-action, check out the video linked below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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