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It’s one thing to have a special someone in your life, but having two that blend well together is a whole other story. When Alyssa Berkovitz’s Nana wasn’t too keen on her new puppy, she soon learns how much of an impact the canine brings.

New family member

Three years ago, Alyssa adopted a three-month-old Great Dane named Kernel and brought him to her ninety-two-year-old Nana. Nana was not that excited to see the canine because of her affection towards smaller dogs.

Nana would initially prefer to have tiny, fluffy dogs on her lap. As time went by, she couldn’t help but fall in love with Kernel.


Kernel felt the same way. The dog would always feel so excited when asked if he wanted to see Great Nana because she always gave him treats and kisses.

Whenever they’re in the car on their way to Nana’s, Kernel immediately pops and starts whining until they get to the house. He would not sit still and instantly jump out when the car door opened.

Kernel then runs into the house and starts kissing Nana, covering her in drool until Alyssa offers to get a towel. That has become their usual routine of saying hello.

Every Sunday morning, Kernel and Alyssa would have brunch and coffee with Nana. Afterward, Nana would watch the two play together.

Two favorites

Alyssa notices how Nana is much more excited to see Kernel rather than her. Even so, she loves seeing how the two most important beings in her life are getting along nicely and creating a lot of memories together.

Nana is so grateful to have Kernel in her life. Kernel knows how to be gentle with her, and Nana adores his affection. The two love to be playful with one another.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

Video Source: The Dodo via Youtube



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