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A 29-year-old fur dad named Delon Pearson had lost his beloved Akita named Missy. Missy was stolen from Pearson’s front yard in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Heartbroken but determined to find his 8-year-old dog, he searched and prayed to get his Missy back.

A year has passed, but Pearson hasn’t found his dog after all his efforts to get her back. Missy’s loss was woeful to both Pearson and his son. And so he decided to move on and look for a replacement dog.


Pearson thought that it would be a good idea to check out local dog shelters. He stumbled across the website of Skylor’s Animal Rescue located in Dobshill, Flintshire, North Wales, and something caught his attention.

Pearson found an Akita who looked exactly like his stolen Missy. He needed to guarantee this dog’s identity. Was this actually Missy? He enlarged the photo several times, and this got him convinced.

He phoned the rescue center and told them about his stolen dog, and that they might have rescued Missy. According to the rescue center, they found this Akita just several months ago. She was tied up and abandoned in a car wash, perhaps abandoned by those who stole her.

Upon rescuing her, they checked for a microchip, but she didn’t have any. And now she is already in a foster home waiting to be adopted. But since Pearson’s request had been checked and validated, Missy can now be taken by her own family.

Pearson’s heart was full of joy to finally have found Missy after a long time of tirelessly searching, and he can’t wait to surprise his son, who had grown with Missy. As they drove to pick up their lost dog, Pearson explained to his son that Missy might not be able to recognize them right away.

Upon arriving, everyone was astonished by how Missy immediately recognized her beloved family. After a year of separation, Missy’s sorrow has finally ended. The family has now reunited, and they can pick up where they left off.

Source: Skylor’s Animal Rescue via Facebook



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