The very instant Nicole Simone laid eyes on Stevie, she felt for the poor dog. A short clip where a young dog kept bumping into the walls and endlessly spinning around made her decide to help – even if they were one country away.

Stevie is a hound mix that was picked up as a stray by animal control officers. He was 2 years old when he was found drifting the streets in southern Texas, along the Mexican border. He was placed in a busy and congested kennel without any clue that he’s a little different from other strays.


With a developmental disorder called microphthalmia, Stevie is partially blind and completely deaf. Because of his condition, he fails to anticipate the dangers around him and caused him to be severely wounded.

Before any further damage, Addicus Legacy, a rescue group based in Austin, Texas, pulled Stevie out of the shelter. But finding a foster home that’s right for him was a bit more challenging.

Simone, founder and president of Redemption Paws based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, had high hopes that she’d be able to help Stevie find a home. Simone personally met Stevie that established the good feelings she had with the poor dog.

“Despite having been through hell, he is one sweet and very gentle dog,” said Simone. “He didn’t cower or spook or tried to nip. He completely trusts humans.”

A vet’s examination revealed Stevie had a throbbing eye infection that required removal of both his eyes. In addition, he was also positive for heartworm. Throughout his treatment, Stevie remained resilient and easy to adapt to a new environment.

After his medical issues have been addressed, Stevie was placed under foster care. But finding the right one wasn’t easy. For several months, Stevie hopped from one foster home to another. His anxiety makes is difficult to stay in one place for long.

Photo Credits to Redemption Paws

With regular vet visits and medication, professional training, Thundershirts, and multiple long walks, Stevie has had great improvements but still has a long way to go.

“He has started to learn how to live like a normal dog. But his disabilities make people less interested in adopting him. Hopefully, that changes very soon.”



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