Most people really think that pit bulls are vicious dogs that are not meant to be family pets. However, this is a horrible misconception about this dog breed since they’re the sweetest dogs out there.

Pit bulls are much like your average dog. They love to go on walks, they love cuddles, and they’re very loving with the people they consider as their family.

A stray pit bull named Cody was caught wandering the streets. He was terrified of everything and it took his rescuer three leashes to finally secure him and prevent him from running away. Cody never displayed any signs of aggression but he had difficulties in trusting humans and anything new around his environment.


Cody’s rescuer knew that it was going to take a long time for Cody to trust humans again. Despite knowing this, Cody’s rescuer still worked patiently with Cody. Even if it took Cody ten minutes to get out of his kennel, Cody’s rescuer took the time to work with Cody and make him feel comfortable and loved.

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Nobody knew Cody’s history and why he’s so afraid of everything. Cody even refused to move and tucked his tail between his legs when he saw a big cardboard box on where he usually walks past. However, after weeks of patiently helping Cody, Cody finally learned to trust humans enough and he was finally ready to go to his forever home.

Cody now lives with a wonderful family who loves him unconditionally. Cody finally felt safe and he now has a forever home and also humans that he can really let his loving personality out. Cody is such an amazing dog that his rescuer and foster dad got so sad to see him leave.

However, Cody’s rescuer knew that he needed to be in a stable environment and with a loving family to fully come out of his shell. After getting adopted, Cody is getting all the love that he could ever ask for from his new family. Here’s a heartwarming video showing Cody’s transformation from a pit bull who was terrified of everything to one that loves getting cuddles from his new family.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube



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