Meet Tasha, the courageous Pitbull who risked her life in saving the three-year-old daughter of her owner from a fatal snake attack. Her heroic act almost took her life, but luckily she survived. Her owner, Let Orzo, is forever grateful to the brave dog.

Tasha’s Story

Tasha became part of Let’s family when she was only two months old. She is generally playful and loves to run around, just like a child. She lives with two other dogs and a cat named Felix. The active pup also loves playing with her owner, Let, and her two daughters.

One day, Let’s youngest daughter, three-year-old Sab, played with her bicycle in their garage. Let was in the middle of her chores that time when she suddenly heard her dogs barking. She hurriedly went to the garage, and she saw a Philippine Cobra on the verge of attacking her little girl.


The venomous snake was only five steps away from her daughter, but her dogs barked at it and tried to block its way to protect the scared girl. Let hurriedly picked up her daughter and brought her inside the house. Then, she went back to the garage to try to drive off the snake.

When she got back, she saw that the snake was already aggressive. It suddenly attacked Tasha in the snout. But, the brave dog fought back until she could bite the snake, and it died.

After the incident, Let initially thought that Tasha was okay because the dog was still playful and was able to finish her meal. However, a few hours later, she noticed that the dog started to feel weak and ran out of breath. She googled the venomous snake bites symptoms and found out that her poor dog had all the signs.

They hurriedly brought the eight-year-old Tasha to the nearest vet, but unfortunately, they did not have an available anti-venom supply. The nearby hospitals have anti-venom but did not want to administer it on the pup because it was meant for humans. Sadly, Tasha’s symptoms were getting worse, and Let knew they were running out of time.

Desperate to find a cure, Let posted about their situation on her Facebook account. Luckily, one of her friends who has available anti-venom responded to her post. They hurriedly got the anti-venom and administered it on the pup.

Let was unsure if it will still work because it took them several hours before they found a cure. But, five hours later, the brave dog was already up and about. Let’s family was glad that Tasha survived the ordeal. They will forever be grateful for her bravery and for saving the life of their little girl, Sab.

Photo credits to Rated K via YouTube.



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