It’s pretty common for people to leave unwanted pets in dumpsters, on the streets, or in the wilderness. Sometimes, they also abandon dogs in the desert. But these two dogs found themselves in the most bizarre place. Their previous owner left them in a sewer.

Isaac Duenas Barajas and Citaly Rodriguez were on their way home from school when, suddenly, they heard cries. The teenagers went to investigate and found two dogs trapped down a sewer. Concerned, they stayed with the pups while waiting for help.


Isaac and Citaly immediately texted Hope For Paws. Before long, Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte were already at the scene. They, too, couldn’t believe that someone would leave the poor animals in such a horrible state.

The rescuers went down the sewer, slowly approached the dogs. The animals were pretty scared, but they know they need their help.

Loreta tried gaining the pups’ trust by offering them some treats. She handed pieces of jerky to the female dog first, then the male. Afterward, once she realized they’re calm enough, she placed a leash on both of them.

Loreta named the female dog Dixie and the male dog Winn. Eldad, on the other hand, wanted the dogs to know him, too. So he offered them a few more bites of the beef jerky.

Isaac and Citaly helped the rescuers complete the mission. Once the dogs are out of the sewer, they walked with Eldad and Loreta toward the car. And that’s when their tails started wagging.

At the rescue center, Dixie and Winn received a much-needed bath. They were pretty filthy, and hundreds of fleas swarmed them. It took a while removing the stench of the sewer from their bodies, but they felt much better right after.

Dixie and Winn proceeded to their foster home at Wags and Walks, a non-profit rescue organization headquartered in Los Angeles, California. They spent a few weeks with their newfound friends, but it didn’t take long, and they left to be with their new forever family.

Credits to Hope For Paws



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