Injured, alone and still a puppy. This little one is not welcomed into the world properly. Someone so young needs to be pampered and well taken care of.

Whatever he goes through life from now on, one thing is for sure, and he will never be alone.

This puppy was not granted that. It seems that this puppy was a stray and was roaming on the streets when he was run over by a car. No one was there to help him or treat his wounds.


He was doing his best to bring himself from one place to the next while he was dragging his back legs. It was a heartbreaking scene to see. He was screaming for help. For days, no one was there to help him out.

A group of rescuers saw this poor dog and his predicament and immediately sprang into action. They brought the dog to the clinic to have him checked. His back leg was completely broken, and the poor thing was in so much pain.

What made it worse is whenever he drags himself, his wounds would get bigger. The x-ray showed that he would need longtime treatment for his broken bones. He was then given treatment through IVF.

He is a little fighter and was getting better every single day. He has also proved that determination lives within him, and since he was getting stronger day by day, there was no need to cut his legs.

After almost five months of treatment and daily physical therapy, he was able to walk again. He is even very playful. Despite what the stray puppy has been through, he is still a very happy dog.

He seems to be getting blessing after blessing as after the vet decided not to cut his legs, he is now adopted and is living happily in his forever home.

Source AnimalSTEP Official via YouTube



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