Each breed is known for something unique to their kind, both concerning physical attributes and personality traits. And for the Husky, although most dogs do howl, the Huskies takes the cake away when it comes to howling.

Siberian Huskies are known for being very vocal. Some of these dogs have become internet sensations with their ability to likewise mimic human speech – like Mishka of course; the “I love you” dog. She has a ton of videos showing just how brilliant she was, which later on paved the way for her several tv appearances and product endorsements.

Another puppy broke the internet while he kept on saying banana, as his owner hysterically laughs while carrying him.


Huskies are brilliant dogs, although, on the flip side, they are also known to be a slightly stubborn breed, which is why they require training early on. These are high energy dogs that make them suitable for taking on tasks. When left on their own, they may resort to digging and chewing, and yes, you guessed it right, howling.

While most dogs would bark, this particular breed is not much into it. They are more likely to whine, moan, or howl than bark, which may be the reason why they do not make good guard dogs.

Going back to howling, take a look at the video below of this hilarious Husky Choir. The pack was lead by Wookie. His siblings don’t seem to mind that he has a solo part. And his fur momma is very encouraging when it comes to their singing. You’ll have to agree though that Wookie’s natural baritone makes him stand out from the group.

We hope this family lives far out in the woods. Otherwise, they probably should be giving out earplugs to their neighbors.

Husky Teaches His Siblings to Howl

Wookie the Husky loves to sing the barritone parts of songs with his owner! The rest of the pack joins in for the chorus!🐺🎵🐺

Posted by I Love Animal Forever on Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Video credit: I Love Animal Forever




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