Taking care of two dogs is not as easy as it seems. You have to think about the possibility of them not getting along. This is especially true when both dogs are vastly different in size. The following story explores such a problem.

Choonja is a small and adorable pomeranian. He spends most of her time under the sofa. It’s not healthy for a dog to be hiding all the time. The one causing Choonja to hide is not too far from home.

Mukgu is a large bulldog, and he’s been terrorizing Choonja for a long time. It all started ever since he grew big. The bulldog would always come after the smaller dog. The owners have a hard time because they always have to keep an eye on both dogs.


Choonja has very little time to play. She can only come out from hiding when Mukgu is asleep. It’s hard to tell whether the bulldog is just trying to play with Choonja or if he’s seriously attacking him.

There’s also a surprising fact in play. Choonja is actually the older one of the two. As the bulldog got older, he forgot the fact that Choonja is older. The situation transformed into the complicated mess that it is.

The owner would often take Mukgu outside to help him release some energy. However, despite doing so, the bulldog is still interested in pestering the tiny dog.

The last thing that the owners would do is to tie Mukgu in a corner. It’s a persistent problem that the owners are getting tired of dealing with. A follow-up story will be uploaded on SBS TV’s YouTube channel.

Perhaps an expert like Mr. Chanjong will step in to help the owners. This is always the case with the videos posted by SBS TV. Check out Choonja nad Mukgu below.

Video courtesy of SBS TV Animals via YouTube.



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