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Chihuahuas may be small, but they can be feisty at times, especially when they are near bigger dogs. So if you have a bigger dog and want to add a Chihuahua to your growing family, you’d better be prepared to see some action. Case in point, this little Chihuahua puppy tried to pick a fight with an American Bulldog, and their showdown is probably the cutest thing you’ll see.

Of course, the little Chihuahua had no chance against the Bulldog, but that did not stop him from provoking the bigger dog into fighting him. Their big vs. tiny showdown was caught in a video and was later uploaded on YouTube, where it gained over four million views. Viewers just loved the little pup’s cuteness and the bigger pup’s gentleness.

At the start of the clip, the little Chihuahua can be seen biting the older dog’s tail and trying to pull it. All the while he was doing this, the Bulldog was only chilling on the ground. He was giving him a look that said, “Nice try, buddy.”


The patient Bulldog just let the Chihuahua attack him without aggressively fighting back. He only tried to scare him a little so that he would let go of his tail and back away. But the tiny pup was never a quitter, so his next target was his head.

The bigger dog played along with the Chihuahua by gently biting him. But the little pup was determined to win the round, so he continuously attacked the bigger dog. The big vs. tiny showdown went on for almost three minutes, yet those who watched the video couldn’t decide who the winner was.

This “fight” was truly one-of-a-kind. It’s something that will warm your heart because of the Bulldog’s gentleness towards his little opponent. Check out their showdown in the video below.


Source Cesar’s Way via Rumble



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