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We are all aware that the world is already filled with evil deeds. The savagery of people toward animals, including dogs, fall under these evil deeds. While dogs are loyal creatures, they are always susceptible to violence.

Despite this reality, there are still people who will show kindness to dogs without asking anything in return. These people are what keep us going and our faith in humanity.

One of the many kind individuals in the world is this mother and daughter from New Jersey. The two adopted a blind pooch after a very depressing event in the life of the dog.


It all began when Bear, the dog, was hit by a rampaging car in Warren, New Jersey. After the incident, the suspect left the dog dying on the street. Good thing, there was a bystander who saw the event.

The bystander then went to where Bear was grimacing in pain and brought the sick dog to a nearby hospital. At the hospital, Bear survived death. The dog, however, was left blind because of the incident.

The bystander, on the other hand, left the dog at the hospital because he could no longer pay for the dog’s hospitalization. It was when Katie Frame and her mother came to the rescue.

The mother and daughter duo were working at the hospital where Bear was confined. They both heard about the dog’s ordeal and decided to help the poor pooch. Katie urged her mother to adopt the pooch. The mom agreed.

Katie took the dog home and treated Bear as her family member. She provided for the needs of the dog for a full recovery. It was, however, not Bear, who found a new home. It was Katie.

Katie, in a later interview, said that she is fortunate to have Bear in her life. Before the dog came, Katie, according to her, was a mess. It was Bear who put meaning to her life.

More than this, Bear is Katie’s source of inspiration to wake up and work each day. Katie said that she would do everything to give Bear a good life.

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