Dannee and Camille are dedicated dog owners. They have four dogs. Three of them are boxers, and one is a French bulldog. One of the dogs named Cooper has been negatively influencing the pack, so they called a dog trainer to help them.

Cooper is lovely to have around inside the house. However, outside the home, he is a very different dog. Neighbors have complained about Cooper’s excessive barking every time another passes by Dannee and Camille’s home. Victoria Stilwell is a dog trainer who was called in to remedy the situation.

Victoria saw how the owners reacted when Cooper was getting agitated. They grabbed him by the collar and tried to pull him back. Victoria said that the grabbing method is not effective and will only redirect the aggression towards them.


The trainer showed Dannee and Camille another way to get Cooper’s attention. She trained the dog to respond to a whistle by giving them treats whenever she blows it. The other dogs respond to the training as well.

When it was the owners’ turn to try whistle training, a sudden test presented itself. A dog came passing by their home. When Cooper barked, Victoria asked the owners to blow the whistle. It worked, and Cooper came back to them.

Since the whistle training worked well, Victoria decided to introduce another form of training. She wanted to desensitize Cooper and make him realize that dogs passing by the house aren’t threatening. She used treats to distract Cooper every time a dog would pass by.

When Victoria left, the owners didn’t do so well with training Cooper on their own. The trainer had to come back and modify the training. They started to place Cooper farther away from the balcony. The more behaved he got, the closer he was allowed to the edge of the balcony.

Cooper learned to focus on the person handling him instead of the other dog outside. Victoria also told the owners to move him back inside the house with a cheerful tone. It’s a way to let the dog know that he did a good job.

Video courtesy of It’s Me or The Dog via YouTube.



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