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Humans are not the only creatures who experience health-related problems. Even animals, like dogs, are also susceptible to different illnesses that may be related to weight.

We are no strangers to the saying that anything excessive is bad for the health. Amid this reminder, a lot of us still engage in unhealthy eating habits. Hence, becoming obese and developing different kinds of illnesses.

Problems related to weight are caused by excessive eating or the lack of exercising. Either way, everything should be in moderation. While it is understandable that it feels good to eat, we need to know our limits.


Snuffy, a dog based in Herndon, Virginia, is dealing with obesity problems. The dog ballooned three times the average weight for a beagle dog. Despite this, the dog never loses heart that she will again be normal.

Just like humans, dogs can also shed some of their excess fats through exercising. Exercising has been proven and tested to cut down some fats from a person’s body. This is also true among dogs.
Since Snuffy already reached the obesity stage, her owners planned to help the dog decrease her weight.

With proper guidance and the right state of mind, Snuffy was able to trim down her weight from 65 pounds to 40 pounds in just four months. In an interview later, Caroline Webster, Snuffy’s owner, shared why the dog became too big.

According to her, Snuffy developed a bad eating habit that whenever she is hungry, she would eat. The dog’s favorite meals include ham and the meat of the turkey.

In an attempt to help her dog, Webster trimmed down the dog’s daily food intake. Along with this technique, Webster likewise taught the dog new tricks to force Snuffy to move and exercise.

All these became a routine, and in just four months, the dog was seen more healthy because of her average weight. Webster also makes sure that Snuffy is eating healthy foods so that the dog will remain upbeat.


Credits to SWNS TV.



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