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What’s your go to position when you sleep? Some people love sleeping on their backs while there are some who love to sleep on their tummies. And then there are those who may have a favorite sleeping position that may be peculiar for others.

Now, don’t fret if you belong to the last group. See, dogs are just about the same. And the puppy in our story has a peculiar yet oh so adorable sleeping position.

This puppy is Paningning, a Shih Tzu living in the Philippines. She has become quite the internet sensation when a photo of her was uploaded by her owner. See, what made this photo quite adorable was how Paningning sleeps – she lies flat on her back as if she were a human!


Janess Cua owns Paningning. She just wanted to share the photo and share the good vibes she got from watching her dog sleep. But she really didn’t expect that her dog would become this famous!

According to Janess, Paningning always sleeps like this. She has also noticed that this adorable pup loves sleeping and snoozing. Paningning would be caught snoozing just about anywhere and everywhere in their house.

Janess also mentioned that Paningning would sleep on her back ever since she was born. She just found it peculiar but she’s sure Paningning is quite comfortable sleeping like that. Or else, she wouldn’t be doing it!

Paningning may be the oddball in her litter but she’s surely quite lovable. She was born last. Janess said that Paningning’s name was meant to be “Maningning” which means bright in the Filipino language because this dog has a beautiful color. But Janess’ daughter decided that Paningning would be a better fit as she wants the puppy to have a name that starts with ‘P’.

Keep on being adorable, Paningning!

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