If there is one thing canines love other than yellow tennis balls and belly rubs, then that thing is most probably a stick! They love grabbing the nearest stick they could find on your walks and eventually turning them into an earthy chew toy to their disposal. You most likely see them gnawing on their little treasures until the whole thing becomes nothing but a pile of twigs.

However, while most dogs are content with anything short enough to resemble a stick, this little pup has taken stick hunting into a whole new level that will undoubtedly give your dogs a run for their money. You see, Bosco is quite the achiever type of dog. He doesn’t like mediocre things, especially when it comes to sticks.

So whenever he is given a chance, he most certainly will be out there in the open in search of the most massive, longest stick he could ever find. The funny part about Bosco’s adorable obsession is that he only wants sticks that are about three to six times the size of him! For a Dashchund that only measures less than a ruler, that is some pretty long stick to carry.


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When he finds his stick of choice, he would grab it by the mouth (no matter how big it is) and take it to his owner.  Most of the time, he likely parades his excellent find around for the onlookers to see.

Bosco spares not even branches with leaves hanging from it. In one video, the adorable Dashchund was also caught biting the foot of a small tree that is still rooted in the ground! The pup’s stick hunting escapades have taken over the internet and now has his very own Instagram account dedicated to his excellent stick finds.

Just watch Bosco’s adorable obsession with big sticks here.

dachshund loves to carry big stick

Make way for the regional branch manager.By Bosco and his big stick

Posted by 9GAG on Friday, 3 May 2019

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