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At three pounds, this tiny dog named Norbert could easily fit his mom’s hands. But despite Norbert’s size, this does not stop him from spreading positivity and good vibes to other people.

Norbert and his fur mom, Julie Steines, are a registered dog therapy team. For eight years now, Norbert and Julie are bringing smiles to people in Los Angeles, especially those who need it the most.

According to Julie, she adopted Norbert when the dog was a puppy. At that time, Julie thought that Norbert would still grow since the dog is a mix of a chihuahua and a Yorkshire Terrier. But as days passed by, Norbert’s size did not increase. Even then, Julie still loved the dog the same because Norbert deserves this kind of treatment.


At a young age, Julie already noticed that Norbert has a knack for making people smile. The dog does not need to do something to make other people happy. Julie saw that just by the dog’s presence, people are already feeling good and joyful.

With this, Julie entered Norbert into a program for therapy dogs. During Norbert’s training, the dog’s trainer told Julie that she should consider training herself too. This is for Norbert to have a companion and a partner during the training sessions.

At first, Julie was hesitant to accept the trainer’s offer. But when she learned about the good things that the sessions would bring, she acceded.

It did not take that long for Julie and Norbert to get their license to bring happiness to people. After they received the good signal, the duo started with the daunting task of providing therapy to people. According to Julie, Norbert has no favorite place to hold therapy. However, the dog enjoys it the most when he is with children and the aged.

Credits to Norbert.



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