Cora Rose, a tiny white puffy rescue dog, has become an inspiration to most of the people around her. And while she may not fully understand and realize how many lives she had touched, everyone’s thankful to have her. But unbeknownst to many, this tiny pup almost didn’t pull through.

When Cora Rose was taken to a Madera, California shelter, people had to decide if she’d have a life that’s actually worth living. Presumably impacted by a speeding car, Cora was left with shattered front legs and a broken pelvis. And it was incredibly impossible for her to move without feeling tremendous pain.

Even after getting moved into Marley’s Mutts, the rescue organization that was founded by the spouses Zach and Heather Skow, Cora’s life value remained to be in question. Due to infection, one of her front legs needed to be amputated. And shortly after, she’s in danger of losing the other one, too.


Zach and Heater went to meet Cora for the first time. And seeing the little fighter made them more determined to give Cora Rose a life that’s worth living. But as expected, the journey wasn’t easy.

“We struggled whether trying and save her was right,” said Heather Skow. The couple consulted with veterinary specialists and resolved to let Cora begin a new journey. As Cora began to heal, she also started to build strength in the back legs. Soon enough, the two–legged pup was already standing with her tail that kept on wagging.

The Skows also got Cora Rose a custom–made wheelchair that allowed her to go running and playing around. And the most important thing of all, Cora became a significant member of the family. Besides Zach and Heather, Cora lives with her best pal, Henry, a cat, and 3 other dogs.

“She bosses the other dogs around,” claimed Skow. Since then, they have seen how Cora Rose positively impacts people’s lives. Though Cora Rose proved to be a real fighter, she’s still one normal dog,  that in some ways, makes her truly inspiring.

Recently, Cora was caught surrounded by cotton fibers and fabric scrapings, materials that once made up her doggy bed. Apparently, she decided to partake in a typical canine’s pastime: to chew and tear things up. “Well, her pit bull friend helped her. He started it while she made sure to finish.”

Photo Credits to Marley’s Mutts

“Anyone who gets to meet Cora Rosa will sure have a smile on their face. By far, she’s the happiest dog.”



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