In Puerto Rico, two puppies were found in an abandoned home. When a rescue organization called Safe and Sound Satos saved the puppies, they were not in the best of health. They’d been staying in the abandoned house for two weeks with no food or water.

When Rebecca from New York saw their pictures and videos, she knew in her heart that she wanted them. She reached out to the organization and filed for adoption.

Rebecca then told her best friend, Gina, about the rescued puppies. Gina, of course, could not refuse the puppies. They did not want the dog sisters to be separated, so each woman adopted a puppy. The puppies’ colorings were somewhat similar to both of them, so it seemed as if they were meant to be.


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The puppies, named Sunny and Mila, had to be nursed back to health before they could travel to their new moms. When they were well enough to travel, Jerika, a volunteer at Safe and Sound Satos took them to the airport.

Rebecca and Gina met the puppies at the New Jersey airport. Sunny was the brave one and went out to greet her new mom at once. Mila was a bit hesitant, but she eventually warmed up to Gina.

When they arrived in New York, Rebecca and Gina let the puppies get the feel of the place. They took a short walk first before going inside the apartment. Once inside, Sunny checked every corner of the apartment.

Rebecca gave her time to get a bit more comfortable before giving her breakfast. She ate everything then checked the bedroom. She felt comfortable on the bed and promptly went to sleep. She was probably exhausted from the trip.

After four months in New York, Sunny had adjusted to living in the city. She loved playing outside. She had even made friends with some of the dogs in the neighborhood.

Rebecca and Gina had their girls’ night every Sunday. Sunny and Mila got to see each other, too. They were always happy to be with one another.

Rebecca’s life was more fulfilling with Sunny by her side. She was named appropriately because, for Rebecca, she was a ray of sunshine.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube



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