A team of veterinarians dedicated to helping animals volunteered their services to help animals that got evacuated from shelters that were in the path of Hurricane Harvey. When the hurricane was at its early stages, an animal rescue organization called Austin Pets Alive! decided to set up an evacuation center for shelter animals.

Before the hurricane made landfall, the animal rescue organization decided to set up an emergency shelter. They contacted all shelters that were in the path of the storm to evacuate their animals to their emergency shelter to give them a safe place to stay.

The rescue organization knew that most of the dogs and other animals living in shelters that were in the path of the hurricane would be euthanized. So, they stepped up and asked the shelters to hand over their animals into their emergency shelter. The organization received a lot of dogs and other animals and was in desperate need of supplies.


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Thankfully, supplies were donated to the shelters, and there were a lot of volunteers who helped out. The Cy-Fair Animal Hospital veterinarians volunteered their time and services to help out the animal rescue organization. When they arrived, they gave out much-needed supplies and began treating sick animals.

One group of dogs they treated were seven puppies and their mom. The seven puppies and their mom were covered in ticks and fleas. Aside from treating the flea and tick infestation, the vets also gave all the puppies the necessary vaccines.

All of the puppies were healthy and active except for one. One of the puppies looked thin and lethargic. The vets feared that the puppy won’t be able to make through the night. The puppy in critical condition was put on an IV drip, and they waited until the next day to see if there’s been an improvement in the puppy’s situation. The vets continued treating as many animals as they could in the emergency shelter.

The next day, there was good news for everyone in the emergency shelter. The puppy that was in critical condition had improved. The IV drip was taken out and was much more active than the previous day.

One of the TV crew eventually ended up falling in love with the puppy and adopted it. The vets continued helping the animals in the shelter and glad that the puppy finally had a family and a forever home. Here’s a video of the hurricane puppies and how a team of compassionate vets rescued them.

Video Source Animal Planet via YouTube



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