Sometimes size difference can be an issue when it comes to two animals playing. As pet owners, you might get worried that a smaller dog will get hurt. However, videos like the one you are about to watch show that there’s nothing to worry about. As long as the bigger dog knows how to control their strength, it’s all good.

Meet Gunner the English mastiff and Hudson the small puppy. These are two dogs who are vastly different in size but get along very well. The secret to this playtime harmony is simple. Both of them are just having fun. Gunner knows how to treat a smaller dog.

At the beginning of the video, we notice Gunner does a playful pounce. However, he doesn’t come close to touching Hudson. The little puppy was startled and started exploring the other room. Hudson came back to the room braver and ready to play with Gunner again.

The cutest thing about this interaction is how Gunner looks at his owner. It is as if he’s asking permission to play with the puppy. After realizing it’s okay, the big dog stoops down low to get a closer look at Hudson. Hudson starts “booping” Gunner’s nose.

The big mastiff rolls on his back and accidentally taps Hudson’s head. Hudson moves away for a bit while Gunner returns to his owner. The little puppy stays still to observe the mastiff while the owner tickles him. Then Hudson joins in.

Hudson goes back and fort looking for the right timing to get close to Gunner. He eventually gets near the mastiff’s mouth and puts a paw inside. Gunner doesn’t bite. He just proceeds to use his paw to tap the head of the small puppy.

These are two different age dogs and different sizes getting along. We should follow there example and getting along with people of all shapes and sizes as well.

Video courtesy of Rumble Viral via YouTube


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