As the summer months come, everybody’s getting ready for some fun water adventure. Whether you decide to go to the beach or a pool, it doesn’t matter. As long as you get yourselves wet and have fun, everything else follows.

With this, a particularly enthusiastic Siberian Husky can’t wait for its fur dad to finish cleaning their backyard pool. The pooch right away jumps into the cold water and have the time of his life.

Dad, come on in!

In this adorable video, a furry object floats in what looks like a backyard pool. As the camera focuses on the furry thing, a cute face comes into view.


It turns out, the furry object floating in the pool is a Siberian Husky enjoying the coolness of the water. The dog can’t seem to take the scorching heat of the sun, prompting him to take a dip into the pool before his fur dad finished cleaning it.

But, it seems fur dad doesn’t mind as he allows the Husky to enjoy paddling himself in the water. Though the pooch isn’t a professional swimmer, he’s able to circle himself through the water to go where he intends to.

Oops! Help me out a bit here.

As the seconds pass by, the Husky’s getting better with his swimming. Before Dad knew it, the dog’s paddling his way towards the other side of the pool. The dog takes a few practice paddles before he makes another circle in the water.

However, it looks like the Husky made a mistake as he failed to make a full circle while paddling. Instead of directing himself towards the poolside, the pooch ended up stuck in the same place.

Despite this untoward incident, the pooch still kept paddling. Do you think the dog managed to get himself out of a sticky situation? Watch the following video for you to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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