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Having a dog is a fun thing. But having four can be quite a handful! They are always on the go – playing, running, and creating havoc wherever they choose.

For Aaron Franks, who lives in Pennsylvania, his four dogs are his family, and he doesn’t mind the chaos. His four dogs are Bruno, Mia, Cooper, and Tessa and he loves them so much!

Aaron always makes sure that he has time to feed, walk, and play with them. Despite that, he believes that his dogs could use more physical activity. So he thought that he should do something about that.


Aaron created a playground for his beloved doggos right in his backyard. He built the playground himself. It didn’t happen overnight as it took two years for him to complete the whole thing. He did not have a lot of time and money for this project but he pushed on.

The playground was built to have three levels for the dogs to enjoy. It had three swings, a lot of space for the dogs to run around in, and a lounge. It also had a swimming pool made entirely for the dogs so they can be cool and refreshed when it’s too hot. There was also a special place for pooping and peeing.

What is even more amazing is that the playground uses technology. It has electricity so the dogs can have light if they are playing at night. There is also running water for cleaning the dogs’ poop and pee. And there are also two security cameras installed.

Aaron also received a suggestion from his kids that a television would be a good addition since the dogs love watching the Animal Planet. But Aaron still has to find the perfect spot for that.

The whole playground has been built with a pirate theme and it is quite an amazement!

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